Thursday, March 29, 2012

Cunning plan?

Harper's not-near-as-witty-as-the-original Baldrick today insinuating to the Chief Electoral Officer that Elections Canada is somehow the source of election misdeeds:
"There are a number of folks in the media that have, in fact, came forward and indicated to me that they feel Elections Canada has been the source of some of these things."
Trial balloon? The Con con on the election fraud might well be to go after Elections Canada. Marc Mayrand demonstrated that he suffers no fools, and I am sure he's aware of how the Conservatives operate. Let's hope he can defend himself, his investigations, and his organisation when the Cons try to blow it up.


Unknown said...

and lo and behold, the budge cuts $7.5 million from Elections Canada.

RossK said...


You sure that shouldn't b.... 'lo and be lower'?