Monday, March 19, 2012

Stevie blight . . .

TURTLE ISLAND NATIVE NETWORK FORUM reports that Stevie's gang are doing their best, in a report, "Understated pollution from Alberta's oil sands".


Anonymous said...

Just curious what Alberta FN groups are included in this. Are you giving countries like China, India and Nigeria a pass because they are less polluting or because you have a political axe to grind. I'm genuinely curious because it seems these polluters are rarely mentioned.

As a resident of Fort McMurray I can assure you the sky isn't falling. Someone's got to keep the ecnomy afloat while Ontario founders.

Holly Stick said...

So the Albertans downstream who are dying of rare cancers should be glad it's "ethical" cancer? Are those tumours on the fish "ethical" tumours? Way Way Up, we are supposed to be beter than those other countries, but letting greedy oil companies poison our country is just stupid. You can't drink, eat or breathe oil.

Anonymous said...

Actually I used to live down stream at one point and fished all the time up there. I just find it interesting that this region takes the brunt of the criticism.

Environmentals seem to get tunnel vision and focus solely on this region when a world view is needed. Sadly, it's impossible to engage in serious discussion/debate without being labelled as being "in the pocket of Big Oil."

Yes, you can't drink, eat or breathe oil. But the truth is that people do use it for a myriad of things. Perhaps people should examine their own lives and stop creating such a demand for it in the first place.
This simple fact is that we all use oil products to some degree.

Steve said...

Over at the Frum Fourm North
Harper is going to gut the law, so the pipeline will not impact the environmental.