Sunday, March 18, 2012

Who are minds behind the curtain?

The anatomy of the Conservative's voter suppression campaign finds me asking some questions.

I started wondering what sort of mind conceives of a massive voter suppression campaign designed to influence the outcome of an election, but remain semi-hidden within the fabric of campaign politics. What sort of mind readily grasps the need to collect and analyse data on individual constituents, and instruct operatives to record as many details as they can about individual members of the public in order to build a database to be used against them for Party interests.

Police and intelligence communities plan and run operations like this.  

I'm not at all suggesting that there's some tinfoil hat conspiracy involving these organisations! However, I do wonder what experience and skill-sets might appear on the CVs of the architects of such a operation or those giving workshops at the Manning Centre for Subverting Building Democracy. The interesting mix of front groups like Campaign Research, intel gathering on citizens, creative accounting, etc do cause me to wonder a little.

People had to think think this up, and the nature of this operation leads me think it might be trained minds that did so.


opit said...

Are you aware of the structure of power in feudal society - from which we are allegedly removed as evolved from ?
I see nothing in your supposition which flies in the face of established theory of government as buttressed by religion and covertly controlled by the military.
I just posted this while unaware of your post.

Edstock said...

They got their training in the United Snakes from GOP experts.

I like to believe that there are folks out there who will produce warrant-grade evidence. In a perfect world, if there are embarrassing links to the GOP, maybe the White House might encourage their 'visibility'. Hey, it's a twofer — Obama gets to flip the bird to the GOP and Stevie.

Saskboy said...

On The House, Terry Milewski referred to these minds as having an idea that "spread like a virus".