Tuesday, March 20, 2012

McKnight ... er ... Minuesa identified

Like a voter who keeps changing phone numbers and can't hide from CISM.

From the G&M:
RackNine Inc. chief executive Matt Meier says a web designer and marketer who operates under the name of “Rick McKnight” is a Spaniard named Rafael Martinez Minuesa.
The firm says it initially balked at revealing his true identity because they didn’t want to breach their staffer’s right to privacy. But journalists quickly drew media attention to the mystery staffer.

Mr. Minuesa has since consented to the release of his real name “to clear the air.”

“There is absolutely nothing to hide with RackNine,” Mr. Meier said. “... Five minutes searching on Google easily demonstrates that there is no hidden story beyond a hard working, honest person.”
Well, if Matt says so.

By the way, commenters in this post beat the major media by several hours.

Maybe more on this a little later. 


the regina mom said...

Maybe the MSM got it cuz a certain mom tweeted the link to this post directing them to the comment?

Saskboy said...

I'm guessing your "maybe more" might relate to the hour of work he put into the local CPC campaign whilst not being Canadian?

Is the law against volunteering, being hired, or both?

Come to think of it, I know someone in Regina who isn't of Canadian origin, who helped with Scheer's campaign I think. I wonder if they realized this could be a problem, because it didn't even twig for me and I *knew* it probably is.

Dave said...

TRM ... you devil!

Dave said...

Saskboy... close. Need to look at something else. You don't work in this country without the right visa.

Not sure that "volunteering" on a non-contact basis would be viewed as anything too serious by Elections Canada.

That said, if it's an election, they stay out of it.

By the way, have you seen anything about Minuesa's nationality posted anywhere.

Odd that.

RossK said...

Will be interesting to see just how 'brief' that briefly actually was.

In terms of the 'volunteering' I mean.

And then, of course, there is the matter of someone asking Mr. McLovin (sorry can't stop) what he actually does/did for RackNine, specifically.


Dave said...

Boris - This guy has more addresses and more name permutations than a character in a "Jason Bourne" fiction.

And RackNine? Something a little off there. Maybe it's just me.

Boris said...

The visa thing...I wondered about this in the context of Mr. Meier's assertions about business/employees in the Philippines.

Not sure that Meier likes employing Canadians and prefers to outsource his firms work? RackNine is listed on the Bestjobs Philippines website: http://www.bestjobsph.com/bt-empd-racknine.htm

Boris said...

Dave, edited my last comment as Mr. Minuesa appears to have commented at TGB and seems as advertised: http://thegallopingbeaver.blogspot.ca/2012/03/mcknight.html

Boris said...

On Racknine, yes something seems very off. I mean, what would come to mind if someone described an organization with fictive employee profiles, closely linked to an emerging political corruption scandal, with a workforce that seems centred overseas?

Beijing York said...

As this story unfolds, it becomes apparent that RackNine is definitely NOT non-partisan as Mr. Meier claimed in the early going.

And it seems like the private sector, political campaign services sector is a freaking growing industry, which begs the question why the Guelph campaign would go so far afield for GOTV services. RackNine's other political clients seem very much limited to Alberta conservatives.