Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Transport Canada working out of obsolete publications

To anybody who has to deal with them on a regular basis, that certainly is not a surprise.

My friend and professional colleague at Tidal Station has unearthed the problem with Transport Canada's "approval" of the marine plan put forth by Enbridge Northern Gateway. In fact, he points out that, (despite what the media has called it), it is not an approval at all.

Telling point: (Emphasis mine)
Starting with the document itself, a problem arises. The latest iteration of TP743E TERMPOL is dated 2001. That precedes the Canada Shipping Act 2001 by some six years (which did not come into force until 2007). The eleven-year old document is so out-of-date that it doesn't even mention current-day navigation technology, much of which is considered mandatory by the International Maritime Organization.
It get so much better. Go read


Boris said...

Fascinating. And chilling. Wow. You two could apply for intervenor status!

Holly Stick said...

Letter to editor: