Tuesday, March 27, 2012


The poor pilot likes 'is minister? What is he major, your dad? Between this and the F-35 and Chinook rigging nonsense, I do wonder if the gold-ringed numpties currently running the RCAF even understand the concept of professional ethics or strategic thinking?

Airshow isn't forever and he and his Con frat brothers will be gone one day, maybe sooner than we think. The next government will score some pretty easy poll points by imposing some pretty frickin' severe restrictions and stipulations on how RCAF aircraft can be employed and acquired.

[edited for cuss words and excessively excessive condescension]


harebell said...

The twat lied in the House of Commons about how this went about.
If he had said, "they had some cash left in the training budget and as I was a willing victim for them to use for an air rescue. This meant it was a win win situation for all concerned," then there would not have been a problem. But he didn't, and he concocted all sorts of bollocks about why he just had to fly on the chopper.
He is a proven liar, like we needed more proof.

meadowlark said...

Never mind the chopper. MacKay used $3 million on plane fares as well. He also charged the tax payers, $1,300 per night on luxury hotel suites. Our tax dollars are paying this luxury, for all the Harper Conservatives. Flaherty too, uses $1,300 per night as well.

Harper's and his Conservatives outrageous waste of our tax money, is not sustainable.Nor, are their obscene salary's and their gold plated pensions.