Thursday, March 15, 2012

Marc Mayrand: With Much Pleasure - Now please send invitation (Updated)

The Chief Electoral Officer has something to say, and he'd like to say it to a parliamentary committee.
Immediately following the 2011 general election, the Commissioner of Canada Elections deployed resources to investigate complaints of fraudulent or improper calls. Since then, over 700 Canadians from across the country have informed us of specific circumstances where they believe similar wrongdoing took place.
Watch that figure closely. 700 reported. That will be the figure the Harperites fling around. They will need to be reminded that they told us this.

Update: Mr. Mayrand might want to discuss some of this.

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Beijing York said...

I am sure that 31,000 number of complaints has probably doubled in the past 2 weeks.

I know that I sent a complaint letter about local reports in my riding at the time of the election and being shocked that a last minute candidate (campaigned for less than a month) took the riding from a long standing Liberal incumbent by some 700 votes.

Elections Canada hasn't responded yet. I imagine they are inundated with complaints and are hopefully sorting them by riding and ranking them in terms of consistency and specificity.