Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Is it treason?

More than
Voting Fraud,
is it TREASON?

Sounds bombastic I know, but consider: Stevie and his chimps didn't just commit a massive campaign of voter deception and suppression in the last election, they carried out a coup d' état. They seized power by paralyzing the political process. In other words, a coup d' état .

I'm not a lawyer, but doing a coup d'état, isn't that treason?


liberal supporter said...




Kirbycairo said...

Ha, Robocoup - that's funny.

Almost everything about the Harpercons is treasonous from their arbitrary breaking of laws to the prorogation of parliament to their contempt for the constitution.

Real justice would see Harper and his cronies in prison or, since they believe in capital punishment, in front of a firing squad.

Scotian said...

Legally arguably, maybe yes.

Morally, oh HELLS YES!!!

I didn't spend the past decade repeatedly warning/claiming Harper would be at least as dangerous if not more so than the separatists from Quebec because of abuse of power on process/legal issues including but not limited to electoral fraud just to hear the sound of my own voice. Indeed, from the Grewal fraud onwards I warned that he and his would feel free to use criminal conduct to gain and hold power, not because I am into empty rhetoric but because that is what that fraud proved Harper and his CPC leadership were truly willing to do to grab power let alone hold onto it once they got it. Harper's and the CPC's history since that fraud has only underscored that obvious reality to the detriment of Canada as a healthy nation, way to go there folks, even the Separatists actually respected legal boundaries, which makes Harper and his CPC worse than them, what a standard to meet!

This leader and CPC is the only federal leader and party I have ever seen in our nation's history willing to go this far beyond acceptable boundaries of both convention and black letter law to gain/hold power, and the fact that they are indifferent to how crippling to the democratic process itself it is to taint legitimacy of the transfer of power in a democratic system legitimately is arguably treasonous conduct towards such a system legally and certainly it is morally. I just can't see how anyone could argue otherwise. This is not a matter of partisanship this is a matter of basic understanding and recognition of how any democratic system of government has to work to be stable. It really is that simple.

P.S. ls: Robocoup...wickedly hilarious even if the underlying issue is anything but...well done.