Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Shattering

You could make book that there are a lot of phones busy and nobody is sending anybody to a non-existent voting place. But that's what's being discussed.

Ian Brodie, Harpers chief of staff from 2006 to 2008, had this to add to the voter suppression file:
Something seems to have gone on, on a scale I’ve never seen before
Hard to disagree with that. Brodie, a Harper insider, is now contradicting Harper and Del Mastro who have both been denying anything and everything.

Over at The Sixth Estate the big question. The Conservatives apparently have access to campaign phone records and, since they are the subject of an investigation, it is only proper that we know how it is anybody under investigation came to be in possession of them.

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Alison said...

Terry Milewski on CBC's The House yesterday morning (March 17)
"We now have, thanks to John [Iveson], the list of numbers called by Pierre Poutine. Now where did those come from? Well, the Conservative Party, according to John's story, is likely to use this to show that it was more limited than many people thought - it was kind of Guelph plus extra.That raises the question where did they get this list of numbers? Where did the Conservatives get it? Why did the Conservatives have it?"