Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Vaughn Palmer makes a significant misstep

Allow me to point out one thing.

I very much dislike Adrian Dix. If I had my druthers, he wouldn't be anywhere near British Columbia politics. As far as I'm concerned he wore out his welcome when he attached his wagon to Glen Clark. He does not measure up.

In that regard, I hold no ill towards him beyond any other creature in BC politics and, believe me, the offerings around here range from evil to piss poor. He's not the one at the most acidic end of the scale however, so ridiculous misdemeanours are easily ignored.

Vaughn Palmer is a different case. He's supposed to be a journalist. Not a Reform flack.

So maybe Vaughn Palmer can explain his own missteps.

Did he scream at the publishers of the Vancouver Sun when Charles Campbell was sent to the elevator?

Did he run with the truth, or did he run away from it?

And what about that BC Carbon Tax? Did Palmer ever look into it beyond the crap flying out of the photocopier? Was that tax linked to something else? Did he even bother to look? Or was the food, booze and measuring of penises just too overpowering?

Coulda been. Woulda been. Shoulda been.

Now ... completely irrelevant. A waste of ems and column inches.


RossK said...

My (least) favourite line of the Dean's shoddy penmanship wherein he jumps all over Mr. Dix for keeping this a 'secret' is....

...Still, if the paper had not been tipped, people never would have known about it. (wrote Palmer)

"That's right." (said Dix)



A bigger story....I would think is...Who sent Mr. Palmer and/or his media organ the 'secret' tip.


North Van's Grumps said...

I'd say Vaughn Palmer made a Mountain out of a Mole