Thursday, March 08, 2012

but...but...lefties use bad words on the internet

Dear people who like to claim "both sides do it"  and bemoan the use of strong or obscene language on the part of the lefty and progressive bloggers and claim that calling people "fascists" is hyperbolic vilification.
Go read what Dr. Dawg has brought back from the conservative swamp and then you can come back and apologize. And be sure you click all the "again" links.


Unknown said...

slightly expanded version over at the Woodshed with
additional Rod Serling - Dennis Hopper video goodness.

Anonymous said...

Damn...sorry I really did try but I could only get through have of Dawg's links before my head began to spin. I fancy myself a Conservative but firmly draw the line at this kind of intolerance. Actually had to laugh out loud when I read in one link about "Muslims taking over our lives." At work they use the locker room for prayer. So I can't always get to my locker. Big deal....that's about the extent of "Muslims taking over our lives" in my experience.....oh, how I quake!