Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Did you hear the one about the guy who tried to steal a ballot box?

Oh ... you've already heard that one?


That's what the Harper central campaign was counting on. He's already made news, he already looks irrationally obsessed, he can deny all he wants and the "low information" crowd will swallow it anyway. Michael Sona is a "perfect" target. Feed him to the media.

Write him off.

I wouldn't defend this kid for any reason ... except for one thing.

He didn't do it.

And if the president of a company who is employed by the Conservatives during an election campaign suddenly has a "bell-ringer" moment at Oh-Dark-Thirty and makes a discovery that should send investigators scurrying down the path of connectivity, well ... I don't believe that either. It's too neat, too convenient and the timing is just too perfect. I don't know any professional investigators who would buy it.

Call me cynical.

You're reading today? Of Gods & Other Monsters.

What was I thinking? Of course there are several minds working the same way. The Sixth Estate illuminates the issue nicely. Inquiry? Only if there is no chance of the Harperites getting caught. Therefore, no inquiry.

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ron wilton said...

Michael Sona is very similar in appearance and purpose to Lee Harvey Oswald.

It would be interesting to see them posted side by side.