Thursday, March 15, 2012

Royal Commission?

Bad idea. Now, take that down and give your heads a shake.

An exceptionally informative piece on the type and timing of any public inquiry into voter suppression and other electoral irregularities, (Yes. I'm looking at you, with the blue frigging cravat), is right here.

The investigation must be allowed to continue  - unimpeded.

I personally believe the Harper election campaign was dirtier than an overnight disposable diaper, but the investigators need to be able to develop findings.

The trick is to keep an eye on Harper. He is going to start maneouvring to protect his ass. The thing is to keep it fully exposed by pulling his pants down at every opportunity.

We've all been playing defence with Harper and his mob. As Noni Mausa says, it's time we out-maneouvred them. As the start of this episode has demonstrated, when Harper is caught off-guard, he doesn't come off as much of a leader. So ... be ready for his next move and be prepared to cut him off at the knees. (Figuratively of course. It would be wrong to leave a mess for whomever displaces him).

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