Tuesday, March 06, 2012

BC Missing Women Inquiry. Sham and shame

When the BC government refused to fund legal counsel for groups wishing to be heard at the inquiry into the botched investigation of serial killer Willy Pickton it was a signal that this was nothing but an exercise at ass-covering on the part of the police services involved.

Today, one of the two lawyers representing the aboriginal women Pickton targeted, in complete frustration, packed it in.
Lawyer Robyn Gervais, who was appointed to represent the interests of aboriginals at the hearings, has resigned after complaining the focus has almost entirely been on police and not the First Nations women Pickton targeted.

"Given that these hearings are largely about missing and murdered aboriginal, I didn't think I'd have to fight to have their voices heard," she said.

"I think I should have been provided those four days without any question."

Gervais says she has faced resistance in calling First Nations witnesses, making it impossible to investigate whether systemic bias played a part in the failure of police to catch Pickton.
By comparison, the police were represented by no less than 24 lawyers, a large number of which are being paid for by the public.
Commissioner Wally Oppal says he's disappointed Gervais has decided to resign, and that the only way to have a voice at the inquiry is to be there.

"You always had my support, I just want you to know, and you still have my support," he said.

"I want the aboriginal community to come here and I'll say it one more time — it doesn't do anyone any good, particularly aboriginal interests, to walk away from an inquiry."
Why shouldn't they? All they were permitted to do was sit and watch the boys with yellow stripes on their pants throw up smokescreens.

There was a lot of concern about the appointment of Oppal.

There still is.


thwap said...

This story speaks as much to how disgusting a political culture we've become as the harpercons' torture loving, and contempt for Paliament and elections.

I write about this here and here.

But basically, the pigs allowed these women to be murdered and this disgusting travesty of an inquiry is empty theatre.

Steve said...

Play connect the dots with Jymn's link.

If you have not seen the movie Whistleblower with Rachel Weiz, its the same story.

Unknown said...

The Missing Women's Inquiry was established as a managed show from the outset... Gervais' resignation helps to further point out that this is not an inquiry, but rather a ruse to show that we "care."