Thursday, March 29, 2012

Brace yourself ...

For a day of unusual confusion.

This is Harper/Flaherty Budget Day. We will find out ... hold it. Oh! Some people already know!
The Conservative government will ask millions of Canadians to push back their retirement as part of a landmark budget that stresses bold action now to position Canada’s economy in the face of major demographic changes to come. 

Ottawa will unveil plans Thursday to delay Old Age Security benefits until age 67, The Globe has learned, confirming Prime Minister Stephen Harper's long-telegraphed blueprint for retirement reform. The OAS changes will be phased in over a number of years, creating a generational divide between Canadians who will receive the benefit – worth more than $6,000 a year – at age 65 and other Canadians who will have to wait longer.
I doubt Flaherty will be "asking" anybody to do anything. It's not his style. He much prefers to stick it to others and then laugh. And we might point out that he has a security problem. That's one leaky document.

Elsewhere, I expect those who believe there is an opportunity to get grip on the illegal activities which occurred during the last federal election will be somewhat disappointed. Keep your eye on Canada's top parliamentary committee junky. No matter what happens, (and I think it will go largely off topic), Kady will be tempting carpal tunnel syndrome to get the information out there. 

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