Thursday, November 01, 2007

Long Road Out of Eden

I've gotten to the point where commenting on matters political or social in this poisonous climate seems a waste of words, passion and effort.

So here's a music review.

The Eagles have released, Long Road Out of Eden, their first studio album in 28 years. It's a double CD comprising a total of 20 tracks.

I am transported back in time sitting here listening as I type. Astonishing as it seems their sound is as tight and distinctive as it was 28 years ago. Almost as though no time has passed at all. The arrangements are more complex and layered than perhaps they were back in the day. But the spirit is unchanged.

The title track which kicks off the second of the 2 CDs is a 10 minute Henley rant about the Iraq war, American entitlement and propaganda. In other words a straight line descendant of "Hotel California" but without the satirical overtones. No satire here whatever.

People who've come to think that music is supposed to be single rhythm, repetitious, half-spoken, hyper-aggressive pseudo-songs with a thumping bass line and little or no lyrical invention or merit and almost no variation track to track won't like this album.

Neither will people who think that songs aren't supposed to address current events.

Neither will the people who never understood The Eagles satire the first time around.

Neither will people whose musical sensibilities have been distorted and abused by the talentless bean counters now in charge of the music business.

But the millions of people who buy it will. I certainly do.

Welcome back fellas. Missed ya.

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