Monday, November 19, 2007

BC Liberals, Conservatives and RCMP

Now that BC has called a full public inquiry into the negligent murder of Robert Dziekanski I await Stockwell Day's announcement that the federal government is too and that the federal government inquiry will take precedence over the BC inquiry.

In order to, you know, get the Conservative law and order whitewash of police actions into full swing before BC can sneak one past 'em and cause a ruckus.

I wouldn't even be surprised if the Conservatives overrule the RCMP should the RCMP surprise us all and return a decision that there should be criminal charges laid against one or all of the cowboys in question.

After all, what's a law and order agenda worth if you can't ensure the cops can kill whoever they feel the need to kill. I've already read several Con supporters claiming that if the cowboys hadn't had the tasers they would have been forced to shoot Robert Dziekanski.

I mean it's not like the Conservatives owe the RCMP any political favours for helping them out in the last election or anything.

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