Wednesday, November 14, 2007

British Airways Flying Blind and Empty

British Airways has some pretty high falutin' things to say about what they're doing to combat climate change.

Unfortunately every word is a lie.

For the past two weeks they've been flying empty airplanes across the Atlantic. As well as to some other short hop flights around the British Isles and Europe.

And just to add insult to injury they've added extra fuel surcharges to tickets on other flights to make up for the loss of the surcharges on the empty flights.

Responsible corporate response my ass.

Governments have to impose rules and regulations with heavy fines attached for transgressions because there isn't a corporate entity on the fucking planet that will of it's own accord take effective actions against global warming. Not one.

Then again there isn't a government on the fucking planet that gives a rat's ass about climate change either.

How many million of us would have to turn off our central heating, park out cars and freeze to death in a Canadian winter to offset the effects of empty transatlantic flights I wonder?

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