Saturday, November 17, 2007

The RCMP Finally Speak Up

Commissioner Elliott and E Division District RCMP Commander Gary Bass both piped up today.

One month and three days later Elliott decided maybe reassignment of the four sociopaths might be a good idea. I say sociopaths because they did not even apparently feel the need to take a day off after the incident. Didn't shake them up that much. They were good to go.

Bass makes the right noises at least and at least doesn't repeat the bafflegab about not believing what we see blah, blah, blah.

Elliott does. What's he going to do? Produce other video of earlier interactions the 4 assholes had with Mr. Dziekanski where he did become threatening but they didn't do anything then?

The first and only interaction Mr. Dziekanski had with the RCMP lasted 24 seconds and then they tasered him to death. They say twice, a witness interviewed by the media claims 4 times. A witness also claims that the decision to taser him was made before they even got to him.

And really, when you come right down to it, all police forces in Canada have always gone a very long way down any road necessary to close ranks and protect their own and screw the public's confidence in the force.

What there is left of it.

And just in case you aren't frightened enough of the armed and dangerous pricks here's a factoid to toss around in your nightmares.

"Municipal police forces in the Lower Mainland have dramatically increased their use of the Taser over the past two years, deploying it 57 per cent more often in 2006 than in 2005, according to statistics compiled by the provincial government."

Sometimes I think we're all just fuckin' targets to these unaccountable cowboys.

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