Tuesday, November 13, 2007

NIMBY. Make your green fuel somewhere else.

While the whole idea of ethanol as a "green" fuel is flawed, that isn't the reason people are complaining about the distilleries needed to make the stuff.
When plans were announced for a new ethanol distillery on the outskirts of this city of 9,000, residents complained that it would mar the view from the municipal golf course. They worried that its emissions would taint the milk-based products made at nearby Century Foods International, one of the community’s biggest employers. They even argued over whether the plant would reek like burned molasses or blackened popcorn or fermenting beer.
Mar the view from the municipal golf course? Well, yes. We wouldn't want to destroy the natural beauty of a golf course ...
>“No, no, no, we’re not against ethanol production whatsoever,” said Lonnie Nation, who lives near New Castle, Ind., where he and others have posted signs, filed a lawsuit and were going door to door this month to stop a new plant. “But if you put it where they want to, you’re going to be squeezing all our homes between an ethanol plant and a prison. What will that do to home values?”

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