Thursday, November 29, 2007

This looks more than a little suspicious

The RCMP might want to explain further why they need to know the full history of Robert Dziekanski's life in Poland.
The RCMP is seeking approval to travel to Poland in order to gather information about Robert Dziekanski, the Polish man who died after being Tasered at Vancouver airport last month, CTV News has learned.

The RCMP told CTV News it would seek to investigate, among other things, Dziekanski's medical history as well as his criminal history in Poland.

The information would be used in several of the ongoing inquiries and investigations launched in Canada.

While the RCMP would probably like to fill in the blanks about the medical past of a suspect who died in their custody after being zapped by an electro-shock weapon, there is little else that would have any relevance.

The weapon was used on a person whose background, whether it be a possible criminal past or a medical condition, was completely unknown to the members who attended at Vancouver International Airport in the Dziekanski.

Unless there is an explanation to the contrary, this looks like an attempt to build an excuse. An effort to justify the actions of members on the scene based on information acquired after the event.

If there is some other valid reason for this little expedition, the RCMP needs to provide it. This will serve only to further erode public confidence and raise suspicion. They don't get to cover their asses on this one.

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