Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Dishonest D'Souza tries science. Fails.

Hairy Fish Nuts gives Dinesh D'Souza a smack.
Religion never repressed science, it was just tough love.
Because of this line from the little weasel.
Galileo Was A Victim of Torture and Abuse: This is perhaps the most recurring motif, and yet it is entirely untrue. Galileo was treated by the church as a celebrity. When summoned by the Inquisition, he was housed in the grand Medici Villa in Rome. He attended receptions with the Pope and leading cardinals. Even after he was found guilty, he was first housed in a magnificent Episcopal palace and then placed under “house arrest” although he was permitted to visit his daughters in a nearby convent and to continue publishing scientific papers.
Which is... let's disingenuously construct the falsehood and then debunk it, thus making one look better informed.

I say, Dinesh, old boy, you've painted a rather lovely picture of being put on trial for telling the truth. Do you have photos?

Aside from that, D'Souza, (Yeah. The enmity is setting in), if it's the latte-swilling, Volvo-driving, New York Times-reading, university-educated liberals you're attempting to address on this subject, it would serve you well to understand that virtually all of that crowd knows Galileo wasn't tortured.

The only people you may have surprized with your unremarkable attempt at revelation would be the bunch of mouth-breathing morons who think torture is perfectly acceptable and wouldn't know Galileo from a kiwi-fruit.

If it helps, however, you can send them here, here or here for a more educated look at what Galileo's struggle with the church was all about, including a few facts which you omitted.

It seems that was more than a social disease you caught from your old girlfriend.

Thanks to Pharyngula for the Coulter vid.

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