Sunday, November 25, 2007

Canadian values in Afghanistan

I was just reading this story in the Washington Post about the conflict between the US military and intelligence communities about Afghanistan and Iraq when I was struck by something having to do with the Asia Foundation's poll of Afghans for 2007.

In the second to last paragraph on the first page of the story I read: "According to a survey released last month by the Asia Foundation, 79 percent of Afghans felt that the government does not care what they think, while 69 percent felt that it is not acceptable to publicly criticize the government."

That's just like Canada I thought to myself. Most of us think the Harperites don't care what we think and most Harperites feel that it's unacceptable to criticize the government.

So it's good news!!

We're exporting our values to Afghanistan after all!

Don't bother with the Washington Post story or the poll results themselves though. Both will just make you want to criticize the government.

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