Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Intelligent Design and weasel in their blood. Intelligent models and relativism

Dr. Joan Bushwell was one of the competitors sharing our category during the recent WebLog awards. I think I mentioned that, had we not been competing, I would have voted and promoted her blog. In fact, as soon as I get back to stable ground I will be adding the Chimp Refuge to the blogroll. With good reason, of course. She does great stuff.

You need to read both of her latest posts. The first offering is a new TV reality program. Well, maybe reality. Not available in Canada or Mexico, (wait for it), America's Most Smartest Model is an attempt to extract from 7 male and 7 female models, the one who can do arithmetic almost as well as they can manage their makeup and mousse their hair. (I know, I know. Who cares?) Go read.

The next is something of an alert. The Intelligent Design whackos, (Yes, they are. If you don't like the description, move on), have started to adapt to their loss two years ago in the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School District by trying to camouflage their ideas by suggesting they are exploring evolution. They're doing nothing of the sort, of course. Additionally, the I.D. crowd are now attempting to promote their ideas without a religious attachment. In this case, it is worth the time to remember the origin of the species, "Intelligent Design Adherent". Good read.

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