Sunday, November 25, 2007

Time to Fish or Cut Bait for the NDP

Pursuant to this earlier post.

I have a diminishing level of respect for NDP supporters.

Either you're willing to let Harper remain in office or you're not.

If you're not willing to let him stay in office then you need to do something other than split the anti-Harper vote.

Continuing to split the anti-Harper vote is a demonstration of little more than your willingness to let him remain as PM as far as I'm concerned.

Because there is not a single chance in hell of the NDP forming government. Not one. There might be a slender chance of electing enough members to have the leader of the NDP as leader of the official opposition and that would be some victory wouldn't it? Leading the official opposition to a Harper majority? What a dream come true. A pyrrhic victory for the history books. Your picture can be placed in the dictionary beside the term.

Sure the Liberals aren't perfect. So what? You think the NDP is? Still the Liberals are the only national party with enough existing support to have a realistic chance to defeat the Harperites.

To think the NDP has a realistic chance tells me you suffer from an ideological blindness tantamount to a fatal case of cranial-anal inversion. If you think you're going to more than double your percentage of the vote over the course of a single campaign you're truly delusional. No Harper voters will swing to you and many Liberal voters who voted for you last time will put their votes back behind Dion now that they've started to see Harper's true colours. Just as I am. Maybe you'll swing some soft Greens your way but even that is rather unlikely, not to mention insufficient to double your percentage.

It's time to fish or cut bait. Rhetoric and flighty principles don't catch any fish. Strategy does. After the Harperites have been consigned to the dust-bin the old arguments can be revived but right now there's a serious battle to be fought that has the future and reputation of Canada hanging in the balance.

You want Harper to remain prime minister or don't you? That's where it stands. It's a stark choice.

Yes or no.

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