Tuesday, November 20, 2007

RCMP-Incompetent and Out of Control- Reform or Disband

How out of control, incompetent and corrupt do the RCMP have to become before some cowardly politician in Ottawa speaks up on behalf of the Canadian people.

There's a man in "extremely critical condition" in Chilliwack, BC after his own personal interaction with the cowboys in red. This guy got tasered after some pepper spray and some good old fashioned baton work. The RCMP have told us their side of the story but no one videoed the incident. Given recent experience I think it foolish in the extreme to accept their version without some corroborating evidence or testimony.

But now we also find out that, according to Jean Chretien, the queens asshats didn't see fit to mention the to Prime Minister of the day that a former PM had accepted an envelope full of cash from a German business man. So Chretien took the word of a former PM and agreed to the $2.1 million payout. Now years later we discover the queens asshats my have chosen to protect Mulroney and not divulge the envelope exchange with Schreiber. This of course fits right in what they did during the last election when they chose to intervene on behalf of the Harperite Party. Evidently they'll do pretty much anything to help out a conservative. Wonder why? Could it be that good old law and order agenda that promises them a free hand? Nah, couldn't be. They wouldn't be that political. Would they? Nah, that'd be too much like the STASI or KGB or some other state police organization.

Do the queens asshats have files on every one of the quivering jellyfish in Ottawa? Is that it? Have they become J. Edgar Hoover in a red prom frock and a Stetson?

This isn't a national police force any more.

It's a national laughingstock.And it makes the country look like childish that we so blindly cling to a clearly dysfunctional and archaic system.

Who cares about the senate? The senate isn't going to kill or maim you.

Reform or disband the RCMP. They're a national disgrace.

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