Tuesday, November 20, 2007

What's that Stockwell said? How Hermann of him

Everyone has been focusing on Stockwell Day's comparison of the death caused by a drunk driver to the death caused by police attempting to arrest somebody who had been driven to distraction by the time somebody paid attention. (Go ahead. Spend 10 hours in the closed arrival area of any airport and tell me how sane you are.)

In any case, I understand why everyone took that as an issue. It was a sign of gross stupidity on the part of any minister of the Crown to make such an incongruous comparison.

However, I saw something else which, in my view is much more telling. This is what Day said.
One person was killed who didn't have to be killed
Does that mean that Day believes there are those who should be killed? It is not acceptable that he misspoke. He is a minister of the Crown: equivalent to the vice-president of a major global corporation. Every word he speaks means something. And, it's right there, he believes there are people who should be killed.

Explain yourself, minister.

Those words come right from the pages of Aufbau einer Nation, written in 1934.

Explain yourself, Mr. Day, or accept that sometime in the next 72 hours I will, without apology, hang you up there with one of the worst human beings of the 20th Century.

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