Friday, November 23, 2007

A song for Stephen

I'm dedicating this song to the Prime Minister because he's made it clear that he'd pretty much see the Maltese drown than do anything approaching substantial about climate change. In so doing he has once again declared himself a hazard to the future of human civilisation and a profound embarrassment to Canada and the human species in general.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is facing heavy political pressure to agree to binding targets for greenhouse gas emissions as Commonwealth summit delegates in Uganda attempt to form a strong, united front in the fight against climate change.

Other than Australia, Canada is the only member of the 53-nation grouping that has not fallen in line with the wording in a climate change resolution calling for binding targets to reduce greenhouse gas emissions that cause global warming.


"One of the biggest challenges we all face [is] climate change," Malta's Prime Minister Lawrence Gonzi said Friday in a speech in the Ugandan capital, Kampala. "The challenge of climate change not only requires a united front, but an unprecedented level of co-operation and firm action."

But the small island nation's drive for environmental unity faces challenges from Canada's Conservative government, which does not support binding reductions.

[Notice the "...from Canada's Conservative Government" and not "Canada". Thank you CBC staff writer.]

So, Mr. Harper, from the land of your rapidly sinking soulmate (pay close attention to his fate, dear Stephen of the Minority), I give you The Tenants and "You Shit Me to Tears".

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