Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Rove, Clinton and Layton - Separated at Birth

Nobody gives a shit about history any more. Not even recent history.

During the same span of hours that Karl Rove says that Congress pushed Bush into war prematurely, Bill Clinton claims that he was opposed to the Iraq invasion from the beginning.

Both remind me of some of the NDP supporters I've encountered recently.

They'll go light years out of their way to avoid discussing why it was so important for them to help the Harperites bring down the Martin Liberals before the national day care program was ratified with all the provinces. Or why the Kelowna Accord was so vile that the Liberals had to fall before it was signed.

Or why the Conservatives, who loathe everything the NDP has ever stood for, are more palatable than the Liberals, who've cooperated with the CCF and NDP on numerous occasions throughout the 20th century. Which cooperation has resulted in some of the legislation that the Conservatives would like most to do away with or change beyond recognition.

There's no rational answer from them just like there's no rational answer from Clinton or Rove.

They have just as casual a relationship to the historical record as do Rove and Clinton.

In the same way that this Conservative Party is not the same as the Progressive Conservatives of old neither is this NDP incarnation the same as the party of Douglas, Lewis or Broadbent.

PS. I forgot to mention that just as you sufferers of dipper-mania don't give a shit about history I don't give a shit about your opinion of what I have to say. Comments on my posts are off for the foreseeable future and my email link is disabled.