Sunday, November 18, 2007

The Conservative concern for the health of Canadians

This website is one of the most popular and widely used independent, publicly funded sites in Canada. It provides a plethora of information and is intended to reach out to Canadians with specifics on health related issues, new research, easily understood clinical data, etc.

It is used by both the general public and the medical community, gathering up-to-date information from a wide array of sources. Medical professionals love it, citing the excellent quality of information and the neutral stance of the presentation. Other information providers rely on the site as a form of clearing house for research and new information.

So much for them, because in March of 2008, thanks to Steve Harper and his gang of sycophants, you can kiss it goodbye. (Emphasis mine)
The Canadian Health Network, a popular, bi-lingual, informative, and easy-to-use web site will be shut down at the end of March as a contribution towards a $16.7 million public spending cut the Public Health Agency of Canada was ordered to make. The web site is being axed by the current Canadian Conservative government. Canadian Health Network is not only popular among citizens, but also medical professionals. Other web sites affiliated to the Canadian Health Network will also feel the impact of this blow. There is a growing swell of opposition to this move from a wide spectrum of Canadian society. Many say this decision will take away a useful tool from doctors, nurses, medical personnel in general, and members of the general public. The web site has a good reputation for having neutral, up-to-date, and reliable information - such information found nowhere else in others run by the Canadian federal health department and other public health agencies. A spokesman for the authorities, Alain Desroches, described the decision as a very difficult one.
So what are the Harperites planning to leave the medical community and the public? Well, this.

On that site you can get a picture of federal health minister Tony (I'm not in the pocket of big food) Clement and while you're fruitlessly trying to find non-partisan information on a possible medical condition, you click on the link to the Throne Speech.

Just do as you're told. Daddy will decide what's best for you. You don't need no stinkin' website that talks about sex like it has something to do with health.

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