Saturday, November 24, 2007

Layton and NDP Dead Silent on Commonwealth Meeting

I've been perusing the papers this evening looking for Jack Layton's latest attack on Stephane Dion now that Dion has commented on Harper's obfuscation and watering down of the Commonwealth position on AGW.

Guess what?

Fabulous Jack hasn't had a thing to say about any of it! Not a lick of white bread moustache spit to be found anywhere in any of the papers.

Perhaps he's saving it up till Steve gets home.

Gonna need that spit once Steve gets home, huh Jack?

Never can tell when he'll need you to get a little slicker, can you?

Come February, when maybe we'll finally have a chance to get rid of Harper and send him back to the pit from which he emerged, Jack'll be back though.

Doing everything in his power to convince enough naive fools that his party stands a ghosts chance of forming government so that we'll have some more of Harper to look forward to. Maybe Jack and his gang of misfits will even be successful enough to suck enough votes away from the only real alternative to give ole Steverino the majority he so desperately wants.

And won't we all just owe Jack a debt of gratitude then?

Because Jack thinks like Steve thinks.

Steve wants everyone to sign on to the Commonwealth agreement, even countries that aren't part of the Commonwealth.

Jack wants the troops to come home immediately and if they all won't be ordered home immediately then it's OK with him if they all stay there as long as Steve wants.

Same style of thought.

No wonder they get along so well.

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