Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Well, HelloooooKitty!

Yesterday the folks over at What-a-Colossal-Waste-of-Freakin-$$$$$™ unveiled their above official mascots, all of whom apparently hail from Pokemon Prefecture. Yes, this is really them.
Sumi - known affectionately as SueMe by anyone expecting to use the words "winter" or "Whistler" over the next two years.
Quatchi - a raggedy homeless sasquatch. No one ever really sees a sasquatch, making Quatchi the ideal representative for those made homeless by a surprising recent uptick in the boutique hotel reno industry.
and finally, HelloKittyMiga, the singing and lap-dancing cabaret artist, seen here naked but for her boa and mouse ears, celebrating a huge expected increase in her business profile over the two week 2010 holidays.
Not pictured is MukMuk, some sort of rare rodent who will be making the occasional appearance at important events. I think they actually meant Muckety Muck.
What? You were expecting a spirit bear or a moose with a maple leaf or Canadian flag on it? Silly you.
Havril at [insert something clever] and I were discussing these lovable munchkins over a few electrons last night and he'll be back later with a preview of his own What-a-Colossal-Waste-of-Freakin-$$$$$™ mascots plus a rundown on the runners-up who didn't make the final cut.
Oh yah, indeed he will. Looking forward to it. Later.
Meantime here's an olympian knockout post from Pretty Shaved Ape.

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