Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Your State Police

A message for the international community:

If you come to Vancouver, now or for the 2010 Winter Olympics, beware of Canada's State Police. If you don't speak English they are allowed to kill you with impunity.

I say State Police in full understanding of what I am implying.

They will not be held to account. The RCMP will conduct their own investigation and express their dismay but no one will be held to account, no one will be charged.

Stockwell Day will take no effective action because killing people is one of his christian pleasures. Harper will dodge and weave as per Buckler's cunt and both will instruct Nicholson to remain tight lipped in the face of Poland's outrage - who cares about Poland after all?

How do you like your country today suckers?

Post script;

I decided to email the force and I decided that discretion required I post it.

I sent it to and it says:

"I am reporting that 4 officers of Canada's state police have killed an innocent man at Vancouver International Airport.

They did this on October 14, 2007.

Exonerate them as soon as you can

I'm making this email public in case it's decided to take some action against me.

I don't trust the RCMP any more at all about anything. The force is corrupted and I am ashamed that family members and I were once been involved in training at the depot.

Dana xxxx xxxxx
(you know my address and everything else about me I'm sure)"

If no one hears from me you'll know what happened.


Seems the Metro Vancouver police departments are forming their gang suppression team.

The State Police are included. So why don't the lethal cowboys who were working YVR get re-assigned to the suppression team. Then they could kill as many as they liked and way fewer citizens would be upset. It's worked in lots of jurisdictions before. And the only people who would be upset would be the parents and families of supposed and members..."supposed" being the operative word. Way easier to cover up murders of "supposed" gang members. Or terrorists.

Just ask the London Metropolitan Police. They're not even wussy enough to use tasers - they just shoot the poor motherfuckers.

Which I'm pretty sure the murdering RCMP assholes would have done if they hadn't had the tasers to play with.

Can you tell I'm enraged?

"If I had a rocket launcher some son-of-a-bitch would die."

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