Friday, February 02, 2007

The CowardGoldberg responds

So, Jonah Goldberg is a coward. Go figure. After taking up the cause here, I sent off an email to the Doughy Pantload. To his credit, he actually replied and sent me to this link. To his detriment, he didn't add anything to the email except to say it was his final word on the subject.
Well, the deadline for the proposed bet is looming and various leftwing pests are clogging my email box saying if I have any honor I will pay up for a wager Cole refused to accept and denounced me for offering. Well, guess what? The baiting doesn't work. I will give money to war-related charities, as I have done in the past, on my schedule not that of these goads or Cole or anyone else. I will not announce it when I do it, which I have never done in the past because it's not anyone's business (even this post is somewhat sickening in that I'm even responding to these gadflies).

As a matter of intellectual honesty, I'm perfectly willing to admit that, had Cole had the courage to accept the wager, he would have won and I would have made good on it. But, since he didn't, I won't be jumping through hoops for this crowd beyond this post.

War-related charities? War-related??? Who the fuck are you trying to snow, Goldberg? No receipt; no proof. Although it would take but a few minutes to turn over the fact you donate to, ahem, political efforts provided they demonstrate the proper right-wing attributes.

Juan Cole didn't need courage to tell you to stuff your wager. And, as for whether you would have made good on it, we have but to take you at your word, although it remains hypothetical. I would recommend you don't use the term intellectual honesty when referring to yourself.

By the way Goldberg, have you visited a recruiting office yet? I love the different excuses you provide for not fighting the war you so adamantly promote.

By the way... how's that "superior judgment of the big picture" working out for you?

Fucking loser.

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