Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Questions, Questions, Questions

Just some quick questions.

Why do elements in the government and the two major parties think that restricting freedoms is the way to fight against people who "hate us for our freedoms"? Does victory over tyranny require the surrender of liberty? There are a lot of people who think exactly that it seems.

How incompetent is the RCMP? I mean really. After 22 years they now find they absolutely, positively have to be able to "compel" further testimony from someone they've already interviewed. Further to that the only way in the known universe they will be able to do that is by extending a power they've had the option of using for the past 5 years but haven't used because...because...well, just because apparently. So now they can't whisk witnesses off the street in a black bag for a few weeks. Except probably they can if the only people who know about are them and Stockboy. I don't believe there are any good answers the force can offer on this that don't involve admitting they've been screwing the pooch for 22 years on this file and want to use the elevated fears of 02007 to acquire the same powers as every banana republic police force has.

Are you environmentally romantic or scientific? Stewart Brand thinks it matters.

We now return you to the latest report of the disintegration of Anna Nicole's tits.

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