Sunday, February 04, 2007

The G&M Comments Are Now Pointless

"Me and Mr Magee from ABC, Canada writes: tough-talkin' from the ABC (Association of Barstool Commandos) Nato will crush the skulls of the taliban insurgents into a sloppy goopy paste and use the fertilizer to grow new crops of corn and soy beans to help feed the homeless starving people of afghanistan, Go Canada! Go USA!"


"Taliban Jack and the Surrender Monkeys from Canada writes: The cowards who oppose our troops in Afghanistan today, are similar to the cowards who opposed our troops in WW2 67 years ago. Then, financed by the Russians who had cut a deal with the Nazi's, Canadian lefties whined at every opportunity about 'British Imperialism' and the 'war criminal Churchill'. Sound familiar? Nothing changes with the lefties. Wrong then, wrong now. Cowards still. And like Timbit Bee, dimwits."

I was pleased to see the G&M begin this feature lo these many months ago and I've been an active poster since the beginning under my old pseud originally and lately under my own name.

No more.

There's no longer any intelligent conversation to be had.

Which I suppose I shouldn't be all that surprised at given the dishonest and fatuous rantings they're willing to pay good money for from the likes of Wente, Murphy, Gee and so on.

For a paper that likes to boast about how smart it is its become a font of extraordinary stupidity.

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