Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Making sure the roots are deep

Wow! Now that's coincidence. If it wasn't for the alluring brunette, just over there, distracting me for several hours I would have done this a lot sooner.

Of the several things which had gone through my mind today, one of them was to add Mockingbird's Medley to the blogroll.

Damned if ol' Mimus didn't beat me to it and put us there first!

It was while perusing the works of the world-famous Skippy that I noticed Mimus Pauly's name on the contributors list. If you go back a few weeks you may remember that it was Mockingbird's Medley that gave me the entry to this post.

Unsolicited Opinion was the common thread we both shared.

In any case, Mockingbird's Medley is a fantastic read. Grab on. Take hold. Absorb.

It's what the blogosphere or blogtopia is all about.

Now... excuse me. There's a gorgeous brunette who gets whatever she wants. (I know. I'm a vaginated wimp. So sue me... and leave enough hot water for a shower.)

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