Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Mini-Poll results

I just wanted to thank those who participated in our little mini-poll. 109 readers answered the question as follows:

Are you reading The Galloping Beaver from:

Home - 59 (54%)

Work - 20 (18%)

Home office - 22 (20%)

Other - 8 (7%)

Many respondents indicated that they read from both home and office which I'm sure makes up for at least some of the "Other" responses.

Speaking of the "Other" button, its purpose was to allow those who read from some other location to respond if they wished. Things like internet-cafes or utilizing a piece of mobile technology. On that note, The Rev gets a big high-five. He reads us from home, office and on the phone when he's on the train... in Japan.

The purpose was pure curiosity but there was something relevant involved. I was curious as to the amount of time people might have to read posts. If the majority were reading from work, long posts can be frustrating. There was also some design as to when to publish posts. Often it doesn't matter, particularly if some subject is time sensitive. Readers at work, in a four-time-zone continent, have a limited amount of time available to read a post and follow links.
Given that a majority of the readers in our 24 hour sample are actually in a home or home office environment (74%) there is a little more leeway on posting times to give you, the reader, something to get into.

I don't see much change, but it is nice to know.

Again, many thanks to those who participated. And Rev, keep that battery charged!

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