Saturday, February 24, 2007

The Disingenuousness of Tarek Fatah

At a discussion over Harper's smear of Liberal MP Navdeep Bains includes this from Tarek Fatah.

"Perhaps you can ask Navdeep Bains to state if the Vancouver SUN report is right or wrong. I am surpised (sic) that no one is asking Navdeep this question. If the Van-SUN report is wrong, then Navdeep should take Kim Bolan to task and set the record straight. That should not be too difficult a job."

Using Fatah's disingenuous contortion perhaps someone should ask Maher Arar if reports of his acquaintance with Abdullah Almalki are true.

That too shouldn't be too difficult a job.

Neither matter a whit, Fatah, unless guilt by association is the slimy game you're trying to play.

Up until I read that bit of crap from you I thought you had something constructive to contribute to the discourse.

I'm not so sure now.

Maybe you're just another sludge merchant.

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