Saturday, February 17, 2007

Harper declares Afghanistan a suicide mission

The elected leader of the Canadian government has committed an unbelievable sin. Addressing questions about the announced Spring offensive by the Taliban in southern Afghanistan he blustered on in his usual detached Bushco bravado. That would have been typical... and then he went over the line.
“We certainly are aware that those are the plans of the Taliban,” Mr. Harper said of the offensive predicted by North Atlantic Treaty Organization commanders and analysts. “Our soldiers, men and women who go over there, know full well when they go over there that not all of them will return.”
Why you despicable, overweight, non-combatant, little fuckwad!

I seriously hope you are enjoying the perks of your comfortable life. You don't goddamned well deserve it.

I don't care who you are or what you think. You NEVER, EVER say that!

Unlike you, you slimy piece of shit, the troops on the ground in Afghanistan don't have the luxury of standing in an environmentally controlled chamber and shouting insults at their opponents. Those kids put themselves out there on a two-way weapons range.

It is contingent upon all leaders of combat personnel to ensure that troops going into action are as psychologically prepared and as mentally fit as possible. The last thing they need is to have the prime minister of the government that sent them declare that some of them will die.

You may think it, you may believe it, but you never say it. It demoralizes them. Christ! A brand-new REMF can figure that out.

You're a fucking ghoul, Harper. Piss on you.

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