Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Harper admits it

He's stacking the courts with his own judges.
Steven Harper is frankly admitting that he's looking for judges who will back his law-and-order agenda - and provoking cries from his opponents that he's trying to subvert the judiciary for political ends.

"We are bringing forward laws to make sure that we crack down on crime - that we make our streets and communities safer," the prime minister declared in the Commons on Wednesday. "We want to make sure our selection of judges is in correspondence with those objectives."

Really! Competent judges will interpret and observe the laws of this country appropriately and in accordance with the statutes issued by the Parliament of Canada.

Incompetent, partisan hacks won't.

Where have we seen this before, mini-Me? So, much for transparent, accountable government. Get Harper mad enough and he just isn't able to hide that agenda.

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