Sunday, February 04, 2007

NATO Confirms Status as US Proxy

So much for NATO not being a proxy instrument for US foreign policy.

The new commander of ISAF is General Dan McNeil. He was the US Lt. Gen in charge of Bagram Prison where in 2002 and 2003 prisoners were beaten to death during "interrogation". There's an IHT story here and more information here.

For months McNeil insisted that "natural causes" were to blame even though the Army's own pathologists declared the deaths as homicides resulting from “blunt-force injuries to lower extremities...”. One of the coroners described the legs of one young man as having "basically been pulpified."

Eventually, almost 2 years later, the US Army was goaded into doing a proper investigation following which 28 Army personnel were found to be involved and 7 soldiers were found complicit in the beating deaths.

McNeil however was promoted to full General.

Any bets the people of Afghanistan haven't forgotten him?

The US is playing their allies for fools and it's fools we are.

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