Thursday, February 08, 2007

More plants for the link garden

The blogroll will grow with two new additions to the sidebar.

Cheryl is contributing this Canadian blog: Hope & Onions written by goddammitkitty. The post above this one, (when I get it there) will provide the reason. Great writing and excellent research.

The next is an American blog written by (I'm guessing) a retired US Marine. A lot of variety and a firm point of view. Oh yeah, and another human controlled by dogs! The Moderate Man finds a place on the sidebar.

You'll notice the blogroll has grown fairly substantially over the past week or so. Expect it to get larger. And, yes, there is something going on. There's been rather a disturbance in the blogosphere. We're just one of many blogs intent on widening the blogscape. Hopefully, I'll be able to explain later today.

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