Sunday, February 04, 2007

Malkin crawls out of the sewer, sees her shadow. Tries to have it killed.

Ah, the screeching Miss Maglalang has spoken and issued a "sic 'em" order to her corps of DNA fractured readers. Her most recent target? None other than Pandagon's Amanda Marcotte who has just been appointed Blogmaster of the John Edwards 2008 US presidential campaign.

Malkin first accuses Marcotte of deleting posts, specifically one in which she lambasted Bushco for ignoring the plight of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.

Oh, oops!

It seems the post wasn't deleted at all. Pandagon, if Malkin had actually done anything close to a little bit of research, had changed servers and URL. The post was there for anybody to read. So Malkin backtracks a few inches and then goes into a circular argument, chasing her own tail like a rabid Rottweiller with a firecracker stuffed up its ass.
Looks like Marcotte's Katrina post is actually still available to the public here under a different URL. My bad. Or rather, John Edwards' bad. Because it's even worse for the Edwards campaign that its blogmaster left crackpot posts like that one up and hired her anyway.
This is like the, well, Bushco weapons-of-mass destruction argument. It goes nowhere and is a feeble attempt to justify a really poorly done smear campaign. Refuting it was unbelievably easy.

So, Malkin, in an attempt to deflect attention from her abysmal research, tries to pull at least one foot from her mouth by accusing Amanda of being something of a potty mouth. No shit! On a blog?! That's just fucking amazing!

It's all very reminiscent of the time Michelle yapped on about the anger of Maryscott O'Connor while ignoring her own actions in releasing her mono-synaptic attack monkeys on a group of college peace activists. It prompted this from PZ Meyers:
I don't quite understand this etiquette thing. So Maryscott O'Connor is angry about war and corruption and our incompetent administration, and that's bad. Naughty leftist, she should be better mannered and respectful to our president, no matter how badly he screws up.

Meanwhile, Michelle Malkin sics her mouth-breathing minions on some college-aged peace activists, and they get swamped with death threats from right wingers. And she does it twice, even after learning what kind of sewage her pals are spewing.

Hmmm. Decisions, decisions. Angry denunciations of political actions vs. vicious but infantile threats. Unstinting demands that our leaders do right vs. outrageous extortion. Which side do I want to be on?

I'll pick the door on the left, Bob. Without hesitation.

Yeah. Poor Jesse Malkin. Whenever he let's Michelle do the writing, she fucks it all up.

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