Saturday, February 24, 2007

The threat to American culture: Canada!

Remember this post from over a year ago? It was about religious wanker Tristan Emmanuel and his efforts to influence Canadian prime minister Steve Harper.

Well, Emmanuel is at it again. This time he has a new book out entitled, Warned: Canada's Revolution against Faith, Family and Freedom Threatens America.

Thanks to the freaky big-floppy-shoe and red nose types at Newsmax, we come to find that Canada, that's right, Canada is close to bringing down the United States of America.

How did they know?

Among those involved in seeking to subvert America's culture are homosexual activists, left-wing politicians and a plethora of crusading activists Supreme Court judges" whom he says are it in one way or another using their status in Canada to inflict their hard left views on America.

Their target is marriage. They believe that by altering the nature of marriage, it can become a key weapon in destroying America's Christian culture and civilization, Emmanuel warns.

Their ultimate goal in this respect, is, he says, for America to "go gay." He adds that this is already happening in Canada.

Damn! And that was supposed to be a secret.

Look, I was going to do a great post on this. I mean, Tristan Emmanuel? He is truly a target worth the effort. After all, considering this guy is as loud as any other number of Christian wingnut leaders in demanding gays be pounded out of existence, I expect some revelation at any time now.

I was going to do a long post, but the best I could have written would not come close to matching what Hairy Fish Nuts has posted, so I am sending you there.

You must read what Salvage has written. Go have a pee first. You are going to be laughing very, very hard.

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