Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Lengthening the blogroll

A few more additions from the past few days:

Verbena-19 is still keeping a sharp eye on Canadian events and beyond. She's moved her great blog over to Wordpress from Blogger, (which would explain why my RSS feed from her site had gone silent. All fixed!)

Asia Exile is written by Richard Lloyd Parry who is the Asia Editor for The Times. He resides in Japan just down the tracks from The Rev who pointed out Richard's blog.

Reader Eastern Front sent us scuttling off to go check out Bouphonia. Yup! It's a good one and worth the visit.

As Blogtopia (a term coined by Skippy) grows so will the roll. If readers have any suggestions we'll always have a look. There is some criteria, although I'm not sure what it really is yet.

Regrettably, Maxwell's House posted a final yesterday. Best wishes on your book Devin.

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