Friday, February 09, 2007

Constitutional Crisis Comin'?

Won’t it be interesting when Canada’s Neo Government openly demonstrates their contempt for Parliament next week?

From the scintillating Canadian Press by way of the somnambulant Grope and Flail.

"The Tories dismissed as insignificant a Liberal bill that would require them to table a plan within 60 days explaining how they would meet Canada’s commitments under the climate-change treaty.
The bill is slated for a final vote in the House of Commons next Wednesday, having easily sailed through an earlier vote with the support of all three opposition parties.
Some constitutional experts said the government has a democratic obligation to follow laws adopted by Parliament and could face lawsuits if it fails to comply."

Now how should we rightly understand the character of a government that threatens to simply ignore the passage of legislation in Parliament.

I don’t care whether they like it or don’t like it. I don’t care whether they resent that it came from the combined votes of the opposition. I don’t care whether it causes Harper and Baird to have a shit fit and collapse in a fit of floor kicking embolism inducing rage. (Actually that last would be cool.)

The supremacy of Parliament is not on the table for discussion.

If Harper et al do indeed choose to simply try and ignore the passage of this bill then we sail full steam ahead into very critical constitutional waters.

From next Wednesday, after the bill passes, start counting days. They will have sixty days to either table the plan or call an election.

If they do neither of those things we will be in crisis.

The government of Canada will have to be sued to force them to obey the laws of Canada.

If they choose to go this route they will know what it means.

That makes me wonder if they would even obey the subsequent court order.

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