Friday, March 02, 2012

Dean, Dean, Dean! You used a US calling company

Jeez, take away their prepared script and they go straight to the waste treatment plant. Now there is evidence that the Harper Conservatives used US calling companies during the last election campaign.
CBC News has learned that more than a dozen Conservative MPs employed U.S.-based political telemarketing firms during the last federal election campaign, contrary to Stephen Harper’s statement in Parliament this week.

The prime minister and his parliamentary secretary, Peterborough MP Dean Del Mastro, claimed in the Commons that the Liberals were the only party that used American calling firms.

“We’ve done some checking,” the PM said, and “we’ve only found that it was the Liberal Party that did source its phone calls from the United States.”
So, let's go to Ohio. If you're Dean del Mastro's campaign team, who ya gonna call? Why, PJ Wenzel of Front Porch Strategies, Columbus Ohio, of course. And Mr. Wenzel's bio says, in part ...
PJ Wenzel is a Partner at Front Porch Strategies, an international voter contact and constituent outreach firm based in Columbus Ohio.  PJ has been working on political and issue campaigns since 1994 and has done work in 40 U.S. states and territories as well as work for members of the Canadian Parliament, and Canadian Conservative Caucus.
Now, just to be clear, (Not del Mastro clear), Mr. Wenzel and Front Porch Strategies have done nothing which could be contrued as wrong or even the slightest bit illegal.

Del Mastro and Harper, however, have misled us once again.

Is there more?

Indeed there is. Later.


RossK said...

And therein, perhaps, lies at least a partial explanation for all those US dollar notes scribbled all over the Rack-Nine invoices?


Dave said...

Could be. I'm still sitting here with 30 open screens and a heap of notes. Somewhere, something connects.

RossK said...

Me - I'm going deep back into the weeds off Island View beach, circa 2008....


Dave said...

Gwyn Morgan?

the regina mom said...

Go, Dave, go! Glad to know someone else's process is similar to mine. Looking forward to what comes of it because I'm certain something will.

Late next week trm will return to the action, unless of course you great folks bring down the HarperCons before then! :D

Unknown said...

sic'em fellas! they obviously got caught off guard this week when the robocon story developed legs and didn't have the response mapped out in full. Thus you get Del Mastro sweatily hollering and waving his arms trying to get everyone to look at him and not at the man behind the curtain. Or the endless pointless spinning of Stephen Taylor on Twitter trying to nitpick the conversation off into a debate over whether people had spoofed a petition to Elections Canada or some other shiny object.
We must keep our eyes on the prize.