Saturday, March 03, 2012

Points of disappearance

The problem with tracking moving targets is, if they're any good at all, is that they're not exposed for very long. The same targets keep popping up in different places.

In its own way, that seems to be happening amongst the Harper Conservative war room crowd.

Saskboy brought up an interesting name affiliated with this. Ryan Sparrow. Yes, this Ryan Sparrow.

A quick look at Crestview Strategy, child of Mark Spiro (Former leader of the Target Seat Management Unit) and the home for more than one federal lobbyist reveals a veritable who's who of Harper operatives.

Along with Ryan Sparrow we find Ivanna Baran. Don't know her? You'll find her name on this list.

Then, also at Crestview, there is Mike Donison. Yes, you've read his name here before. He is the former national director of the Conservative Party of Canada and gained some notoriety during the "in-and-out" scheme. He was initially charged under the Elections Act and was let off the hook when the party and the Conservative Fund came to a plea agreement which saw the party and its fundraising mechanism pay $52,000 in fines. All of that happened after Donison called some of his party brethren "turds" for refusing to participate in the "in-and-out" scheme because they sensed something wrong.

Crestview is looking like a Harper operative recycling operation. 

But when it comes to moving targets you have to head over to The Gazetteer. There you'll find evidence of one particularly mobile Harper operative: Michael Sona.

He showed up in Ottawa ... with a Minister ... in National Caucus ... waiting "... to see what the PM has to say to us in Cabinet ..."




Beijing York said...

Again, based on Linkedin, Michael Sona is being followed by Dave Nadalin (Crew Leader at BLJC) who has Matt Meier of RackNine following him on Linkedin.

He also has the executive assistant to Julian Fantino, Elecia Elliott, following him (she formerly worked for Bev Oda and was an assistant to the 2008 Conservative federal campaign co-chair – Findley?).

What is BLJC. Well it could be this:

Brookfield LePage Johnson Controls is a joint venture with Brookfield Properties to provide commercial property management services in Canada. It was established in 1990.

Also, RackNine founder Meier has another company that is focused on political telephone services called

Most of his political clients are from the Alberta Wild Rose Party.

Saskboy said...

All this side show PI work is super interesting, I just hope the RCMP are smarter than we are and are digging deeper with search warrants where justified. The news of CPC reviewing tapes before investigators get to them gives me doubts.

Also, why is there not a national manhunt for Pierre Poutine? Is Poutine caught and the Mounties are giving time to see if they'll hang co-conspirators?

There should be a $5M REWARD out for his/her/their capture. Dead or Fried with Gravy and Curds. They've only de-legitimized our super expensive #elxn41 & tarnished our priceless democracy.