Thursday, August 23, 2007


Technology, Entertainment, Design. TED - Ideas Worth Spreading.

This organization was begun in the 80's and has convened every year in Monterey, California since.

But it was always necessary to attend to find out what the speakers said, what the performances were, what the ideas were.

Until now.

Now there are literally hundreds and hundreds of freely available videos to watch or to download, all available under the Creative Commons Licence. You are encouraged to email them and show them to friends.

For example, Al Gore spoke to TED a few months before the film of An Inconvenient Truth was released on what you and I can do in response to the climate crisis. He's as funny as a stand up.

The dance company Pilobolus performed a breath taking piece called Symbiosis.

Richard Dawkins twice. Dan Dennet three times.

Bill Clinton, Wade Davis, Larry Brilliant, Stewart Brand, Malcolm Gladwell, Jane Goodall...

It's a long list.

Al Gore refers to an unnamed scientist who told him that we're about to find out if the combination of an opposable thumb and a frontal cortex is viable.

Events like TED make me hopeful.


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